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Settlement & Verdict Results

Adler & Adler, P.C. is dedicated to fighting for maximum financial compensation through settlements or judgments. We achieve significant verdicts and awards on behalf of our clients, some resulting in the millions of dollars for severe auto, work, or malpractice injuries or wrongful death. While every case is different, the following are select results of some of our personal injury and worker's compensation cases.

$3.2 million Medical Malpractice
Failure to Diagnose

$1.9 million Birth Injury
$900,000 Railroad Accident
$850,000 Medical Malpractice
Neo-natal malpractice

$750,000 Medical Malpractice
Surgical error/negligence

$750,000 Auto Accident
$575,000 Car Accident
$550,000 Railroad Accident
$525,000 Product Liability
L-Tryptophan product liability case.

$500,000 Medical Malpractice / Wrongful Death Settlement
A 58-year-old woman with Hepatitis C and cirrhosis died shortly after a radiologist performed a liver biopsy to determine the extent of her liver disease and evaluate treatment options. The doctor negligently released her from the out-patient unit just one hour after the biopsy, without recognizing internal bleeding from the biopsy. Adler & Adler negotiated the settlement on behalf of her daughter.

$400,000 Product Liability
Defective product.

$398,000 Worker's Compensation
Settlement for client undergoing surgeries to both shoulders and unable to return to work in HVAC. (Co-Counsel)

$340,000 Nursing Home Malpractice

$339,000 Taxi/Scooter Accident
Foot & ankle fractures.

$300,000 Worker's Compensation
Benefits awarded to our client for injuries due to poor worksite conditions.

$325,000 CTA Accident
$200,000 Medical Malpractice Settlement
A hospital settled for $200,000 for our elderly client who endured a disabling stroke and a premature death, when her doctors failed to administer indicated anti-coagulation medication. The medical malpractice case proceeds to trial against our client's doctor on May 1, 2014.

$186,500 Worker's Compensation
Construction worker suffered a torn rotator cuff tear.

$195,000 Worker's Compensation & Personal Injury Settlement
We obtained this no-restrictions settlement on behalf of a nurse who fell near an elevator door at work and broke her wrist due to glue left by a contracting company putting down carpet. Wrist injures, $96,000 plus $17,509 settlement + medical expenses/lost wages for related workers' compensation claim.

$180,000 Auto Accident Verdict
Grundy County, Illinois. Our client sustained soft tissue injuries and the disputed loss of function of his kidney in a car accident. Offer before trial was $20,000.

$175,000 Workers' Compensation Settlement
Construction site aerial work platform accident.

$167,000 Auto - Truck Collision
Compensation for our client, who suffered a broken leg and torn ACL and meniscus.

$150,000 Pharmacy Error Settlement
$150,000 Workers' Compensation & Personal Injury Settlement
We obtained this compensation for a worker who experienced a ruptured bicep when he fell from the dock plate when the truck he was unloading pulled away without warning.

$125,000 Worker's Compensation
for Construction Site Injury in Cook County. This is equivalent to a $400,000 trial verdict. The $125,000 was paid by general and other contractors with terms including full waiver of $230,000 worker's compensation lien. Our client sustained serious injuries to his ankle and foot when he slipped on gravel left in his work area. Liability was contested, with the Defendant claiming no liability on the fact that there was gravel on the ground throughout the construction site and the gravel was an open and obvious condition. Case settled while Defendant's Motion for Summary Judgment was pending.

$125,000 Slip & Fall
Compensation for a client's injuries from a slip and fall due to spilled milk in a retail store.

$120,000 Dental Malpractice
We obtained $120,000 in compensation for our client, who suffered nerve damage following an implant procedure.

$100,000 Workers' Compensation
Recovered on behalf of a horse handler injured while working.

$100,000 Auto Accident
Policy limits of $100,000 paid on behalf of at-fault driver. Our client suffered a fractured leg, requiring two surgeries and extensive rehabilitation. We negotiated a complete waiver of medical payments coverage lien and a 76% reduction in medical bills to maximize our client's net recovery from the low insurance policy.

$100,000 Auto Accident
Policy limits paid in Kendall County. Settlement terms include waiver of Public Aid, waiver of past due rent, and 6-months free rent. Client suffered severe head injuries and died several months later. Medical malpractice case pending.

$99,380 Workers' Compensation
We obtained benefits for a client injured in a work-related trucking accident.

$96,000 Workers' Compensation Settlement
Herniated disc.

$90,000 Workers' Compensation Settlement
for a Construction Site Injury in Winnebago County. Paid by general contractor. Terms include complete waiver of the $98,671 workers' compensation lien. Adler & Adler negotiated a substantial 66% reduction of client's private health insurer's lien. Our client, a carpenter's helper, suffered a wrist fracture and torn wrist ligaments, when he fell from a floor joist into the basement below. Liability was contested, with the Defendant claiming that Plaintiff's employer was entirely responsible for supervising him at all times and providing a safe work environment, and that Plaintiff should not have walked across the floor joist. Adler & Adler defeated contractor's Motion for Summary Judgment on those defenses, leading to the settlement. Client's workers' compensation claim previously settled for $21,633.86. (Co-Counsel)

$72,500 Dental Malpractice Settlement
Recovered on behalf of a patient whose dentist failed to properly prepare and place crowns on our client's four front teeth, requiring extensive dental work to repair the damage to her teeth and gums.

$61,250 Premises Liability
Paid in Lake County by the private property owner and the nonprofit store on the property. Our client suffered torn ligaments in the knee after falling on ice that had formed due to a drainpipe emptying onto the sidewalk.

$57,000 UM/UIM Policy Settlement
We recovered compensation for a pedestrian who carries UM/UIM coverage and who was injured by an uninsured motorist in a stolen car.

$57,500 Workers' Compensation
We recovered compensation for a client injured in a work-related car accident.

$50,000 Workers' Compensation Settlement.
Torn cartilage in shoulder.

$48,500 Auto Accident
Recovered onbehal of a woman who sustained fractured ribs and a sprained knee injury from a head-on collision caused by a vehicle that veered into her lane because the driver was texting at the time of the collision.

$45,000 Dog Bite Settlement
Will County, Illinois. Adler & Adler, P.C. settled this case on behalf of a child who received a puncture wound to his stomach when a Rottweiler got away from the girl who was walking it. The dog's owners paid with their entire $25,000 insurance liability limit. The remainder was paid by the homeowners insurance policy of the girl walking the dog.

$25,000 Auto Accident Liability
Won in arbitration against State Farm for soft tissue injuries to client's neck from a rear-end collision. The insurer originally only offered $5,000, claiming our client had fraudulent injuries.

$20,000 Auto Accident Liability
Adler & Adler obtained $20,000 policy limits on behalf of our client from Unique Insurance, an insurance company that was recently profiled on Channel 5, WMAQ News, for its long history of denial and delay in its handling of claims. Our firm took over the case after another lawyer had dropped it because Unique sent a letter denying that it had any coverage on the at-fault drivers vehicle.

Business Law Verdict
Our business client was sued for allegedly using poor quality paint on a radiator, which the plaintiff claimed emanated noxous fumes resulting in hospitalization. Our client was found not guilty in bench trial.

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