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A little organization can go a long way in helping us maximize your personal injury or worker's compensation claim.

Your record keeping is a vital component of your case. Accurate and thorough records not only help us move your claim faster but also assist in recovering the maximum financial compensation that your injury deserves. To help keep your papers organized, use the Adler & Adler folder you received at your consultation or a simple office file folder.

Medical Bills & Insurance Documents

Be sure to keep copies of all of your medical bills. This includes medical bills that you have received in the mail for such services as the ER physician, anesthesiologist, and laboratories. These providers often bill separately from the hospital and are hard for us to obtain. Also be sure to keep receipts for co-pays, over-the-counter medications, medical equipment rental, and prescriptions. You should send us copies on a regular basis.

We also need the names and addresses of everyone who treats you. If your health insurance carrier is paying bills, you will receive EOBs (Explanation of Benefits). EOBs give us the names and addresses of some of the health care providers whom you may never actually see (such as the radiologist, pathologist, or laboratory). Please send us copies of these EOBs in your regular packet. When visiting a physician or medical office, pick up a business card and send it to us.

If your own health care insurance is paying bills, at some point, you will receive a form inquiring whether the bills are for an accident or injury and requesting information. You should notify us immediately of all such inquiries, and we will assist you in preparing complete and accurate responses.

Call or email us after each health care appointment so we are up to date on your medical status. Let us know if your condition changes or if your doctor recommends a change in medical treatment. We also need to know when your doctor releases you back to work.

For worker's comp injuries, always make sure that hospitals, doctors, pharmacies, and other health care providers know that your injury is work related. Give each health care provider your claim number and the names, telephone numbers, and addresses of your employer and the worker's compensation insurance carrier for billing purposes. For personal injuries, provide your claim number and insurance company contact information for injury-related bills.

Important Paperwork

If you are involved in an auto accident case, please give us all the information you have regarding the at-fault driver's insurance company, including policy number or claim number. You also will have received a Traffic Accident Exchange of Information form from the police. Please give us a copy of this form. This is not the police report, but the form contains information that is important to your claim. Finally, any photos that you take at the scene of the accident or afterwards of your vehicle and/or the vehicles involved, as well as your injuries, are important to our work. You can email those photos to us.

For worker's compensation claims, be sure to send us copies of any letters that you receive from your worker's compensation carrier. If you have received, or will receive, TTD checks while you are recovering, you should keep copies of each check and be sure to send us a copy of at least one.

Keep a Calendar Diary

Use a simple pocket calendar to keep daily journal records of:

  • The date your accident occurred.
  • Lost work time and/or wages. Don't forget time lost for medical appointments after you have returned to work.
  • Each doctor, lab, and hospital appointment on the day and time that it occurred.
  • Medical complaints as they occur.
  • The date you returned to work.

Be sure to keep all of your medical appointments. If you absolutely cannot make an appointment, call the doctor's office to cancel at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment.

Using a calendar journal to record your physical complaints also will help you remember everything you need to tell your doctor since your last appointment. Always be sure to follow your doctor's instructions carefully. If your doctor changes your treatment plan or suggests surgery, contact us immediately.

Insurance companies may set up evaluative exams. Bring your daily journal with you and thoroughly go over the history of your injury and all of your complaints. If you are released to a lighter-duty job that pays less than your regular job, keep track of lost wages.

Update Your Employer

Keep your employer up to date on your recovery—but do not discuss the circumstances of your case with your employer or any one else except your doctors and your lawyer. Try to work out any misunderstandings about your physical condition or your job with your employer. If you have questions on how to proceed, always feel free to contact your attorney at Adler & Adler, P.C.

Social Security Disability

If you will be unable to return to work—or have been off work—for 12 months or more, you may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits. Find your local office by calling 1-800-772-1213 or visiting www.ssa.gov.

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